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  • A fight for Independence - CD+DVD

    This DVD goes with The Inspector Cluzo 4th album CD: "Gasconha Rocks" in a 28pages A4 format book. The Inspector Cluzo "The 2 Mousquetaires: A fight for Independence" ( M. Santos / Y.Sourigues) Filmed over the period of a year while the band was on their last international tour. Immerse yourself in the world of this Gascony-based group from Mont de Marsan, who have been defying the rules of the music industry, rocking out at some of the most prestigious festivals in 38 countries world wide, totally D.I.Y*. Going beyond music, this documentary asks the question of the real place of small business and of people's roots in the globalised world today. CD Tracklisting: 01 - Hello Goodbye Education 02 - Black Spirit 03 - I Am (Not) a Super Hero 04 - Till Petrol Do Us Part 05 - Garbage Beach 06 - Lo Camin de la Hesta 07 - The Duck "Guit" Blues 08 - Move Over Monsanto 09 - Better off in Afghanistan 10 - Crossroads Rendez-Vous

    10.00 €
  • Rockfarmers - CD+DVD

    This DVD is included in The Inspector Cluzo 5th album: " Rockfarmers" 40 pages, 23cm squared hard cover book including: 2 CDs + 1 DVD of "Rockfarmers" (23mn) documentary. "ROCKFARMERS" documentary (23mn) (Y. Sourigues) In 2013, The Inspector Cluzo bought an organic farm in Gascony to raise their geese. Meanwhile they have rocked the world to support "Gasconha Rocks" 4th album release. Filmed over a year in Colombia, USA, South Afrcia, India, Japan, Korea,... this documentary deals with "why being both professional musicians and farmers" and "how following your own ideas in a local economy opened to the world and the others" like The Inspector Cluzo has been doing for 6 years now in the music business. "Gasconha Rocks" album: Produced and recorded by The Inspector Cluzo @ Mountown studio mixed by Vance Powell (Jack White, the Raconteurs, Seasick Steve, Beck,) @ Sputniksound studio - Nashville(TN)-USA CD-1 01 - Rockfarmers 02 - I'm a Japanese Mountain 03 - Lost in Traditions 04 - Fishermen 05 - Kiss me 06 - Estiu Theme 07 - The Run CD-2 01 - GMO and Pesticides 02 - Alright Georges 03 - Quit the Rat Race 04 - Abu 05 - Stars are Leavin' 06 - Erotic 07 - Romana 08 - Lonely Man

    20.00 €